Properties of Gathering®

AKA: Gathering Places, Places of Gathering, Properties of Community... Where People are able to Gather.

"Properties of Gathering" have the following traits, and these are what Sciturus investors look for:

  • Located in highly populated areas, including Northern NJ, NYC, Long Island, and near abouts.
  • Plenty of Parking, >40 spots.
  • Proximity to major roadways, so that people from different directions can easily get there.
  • Generally safe, kids can roam around with minimal worry of entering high speed traffic.
  • Developed properties, with few exceptions. The approved building must already be in place.
  • Public places where people may gather such as places of worship (churches, synagogues, and like), hotels/motels/conference centers, school/campuses, stadiums and cafes

  • We believe these are properties that will produce greater value in the future, and that is why we invest in them.