Invest your money with stable and appreciating assets

Take pride in owning buildings near you or abroad without hassle of management and work.

Why should I invest in Real Estate?

For your family and your loved ones. This is why you invest.

With your hard-earned money, you want it to work for you, not the other way around
-Dr. Sang Sur, Founder of Sciturus

There are various ways you can invest your money.

  • You got the general safe option such as savings, CDs and money market acounts; however, their returns are low.
  • You got stocks and mutual funds. Millions of businesses come and go and the investor needs to stay involved in the market to ensure gains. There are high risks in potential loss.
  • Then you got Real Estate. The benefits of Real Estate investments are many:
    • Real Estate is a limited resource and as the world population continues to grow, values are bound to increase over time.
    • Those that invest with Sciturus will receive cash flow every month for many years making Real Estate a safe investment with great appreciation potential.
    • Sciturus will handle all the troubles of ownership such as dealing with tenants and maintenance, so all you need to worry about is receiving payment each month.
    • When timing is right, you can decide to sell the property and make capital gains as well. In Real Estate, you have many options, and with the right protection and knowledge provided by Sciturus, you do not have much to lose.
    • Additionally, as you drive down the street in your neighborhood with your family and friends, you can proudly tell them that you own that property. Real Estate is something that is real and tangible.
    • Depending on which tenants are using your property, you may also get benefits from their services. We had clients in hotels, banks and cafes. Other than potentially free service, you will receive respect from them as their building owner.
    • Corporations are looking for owners like you. Publicly traded companies do not wish to own properties and rather make quick capital gains to put back into their businesses, pay down debt, reduce tax liability from appreciation, and improve the company's balance sheet. Additionally, they prefer to rent from people like you because rent is a business expense from where companies deduct their taxes.
    • Sciturus can have your money work for you so that you can spend more time with your loved ones. Do enough with us, and you and your family can be set for life. Once you are there, we welcome you to join us in further ventures.

How does this work?

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What does Sciturus do to make this happen for me?

Sciturus Real Investment Group will:

  • Find cash flow properties that interest you
  • Handle negotiations on purchase price and financing
  • Handle incorporation of owners and legal work
  • Manage the property; handle tenants, repairs and maintenance, etc
  • Market the asset when time comes to sell

  • You:

  • Pick out the property(ies) you wish to invest in or suggest what you would like to own
  • When ready, determine how much you wish to invest and be guided through the closing process, then
  • You are now an owner of that property! However, without hassle, you just collect the money in your bank account monthly.
  • Who is in Sciturus Real Investment Group and what experiences do they have that I can trust them with my money?


    Let's venture together!

    Dr. Sang Sur, CCIM, RPA, PMP

    Founder and Principal

    Dr. Sang Sur is a Christian Real Estate Investor that seeks to bring affluent individuals to own real estate around the world together so that they may be 1) profitable and 2) able to support the Church and those in need.

    He personally invests and is active in maintaining his properties. He requires his investment partners / clients to meet frequently for fellowship and to build deeper friendship. Through this, he desires to build circles of leaders to take on even greater projects together.

    His favorite kinds of properties are what he coins properties of community, that is, Real Estate where people can gather such as cafes, conference centers, hotels/motels, stadiums, and the like. He believes there will be greater value in such properties in the coming years. You can learn more about him at

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