Save thousands of dollars when you sell

Broker Seller Rebate Program: Save 2% - 5% on your home sale!

If you are a more experienced property seller and would like to save money by handling majority of the sales transaction yourself, take advantage of our Broker Seller Rebate Program, offered exclusively by Selah Realty.

We will handle listing of your property on major Real Estate listing sites including the the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Zillow, Trulia, and others. You will also agree to pay Real Estate fees when someone brings you a buyer. By doing this, you will have a stream of potential buyers coming to see your property; you will just need to coordinate the showing until one of them agrees to buy your property.

For listing your property, we will take 1% listing fee. $400 refundable deposit will be required up front, and will be deducted from costs at closing.

Normally, sellers should expect to spend 10% of selling price; with this program, you can take 2% of that expense back! For example, if your property sells at $500,000, you can save $10,000 (FREE CASH FOR YOU!) at closing.

Also, if you sell the property on your own without the help of the listings, you will pay nothing additional (that is zero listing costs!).

Sell your property on your own to save money without having to deal with the difficulty of attracting potential buyers.

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Here's an example:

You want to sell your home. You decide to sell your property at $500,000.

You collaborate with Selah Realty to list your home for reduced selling services. You pay $400, and we list your property in various Real Estate listing sites for up to 6 months. In this agreement, you agree to pay a percentage to potential buyer real estate agents and 1% to us. For this example, let's say you agree to 3%. (see How much should I pay my Real Estate Broker? as guide to determine how much you should pay real estate brokers).

You receive calls directly from potential buyers or their agents. They may ask you questions about the house and/or ask to arrange a time to see your house. You will handle all coordination, and you will tell them you are being represented by us.

Once you find a buyer, let's say at your asking price of $500,000. At closing, depending on how your buyer found your property, you will pay the following fees as opposed to the standard 6% listing fees (or $30,000 in this example):

  1. When another agency brings you a buyer:
    • Selah Realty: $5,000 (1%) - $400 = $4,600
    • Buyer Agents: $15,000 (3%)
    • You just saved $10,000! (2%)
    • Plus other closing fees (~4%)
  2. When a buyer finds your property to buy on their own through the help of the listings:
    • Selah Realty: $5,000 (1%) - $400 = $4,600
    • You just saved $25,000! (5%)
    • Plus other closing fees (~4%)
If you end up not selling the property, you also will pay nothing additional than the $400 you have paid up front

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