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I am (or would like to learn to be) an investor and would like to invest in stable and appreciating assets
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I'm interested in buying a home in New York or New Jersey
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I would like highly professional property managers to manage my property and tenants
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I need someone to advise and manage my construction or remodeling work to help me to maximize my profits and ease
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I would like Technology/Engineering consultation or coaching to minimize losses and generate maximum profit by building an effective Technology-Led organization.

Sciturus* (pronounced skee-too-rus) is a Latin word meaning, "about to know" (Future active participle of scire meaning "to know"). Our desire is to venture together with you to uncover the unknown and change the world together; first by starting with your investment in your own home, then securing properties around the world and using them for good purposes.

*Sciturus can also be pronounced shee-too-rus in Italian and Church Latin; However, in classical Latin, it is skee-too-rus. Sciturus is in nominative singular masculine form.

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